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LightLeak Love hasassembled 4 tips that are given below thatwill enable you to consume your light leaks in cool ways. You can also others impress with your editing skills.

  1. How to flop or flip

Sometimes you capture a great free light leak effect and you want to keep that in your image but the problem is it appears on the wrong side and obscures the subject of the picture. But the real question is how to do flop that in final cut pro.

Instead offinding anotherlight leak,go for a free light leak download.You can easily flop the shot (rotate horizontallyand the right will become left). You can do the same for flipping (e.g. bottom becomes top).

  1. Correction of the color

Do you don’t like the color of your light leaks andwant it to be a cooler blue to go with your edit, or any other color? Well don’t lose patience,just because the light leak isn’t of the color that you want you can simplychange it by utilizing the color correction tool in your image software you can create endless variations to the light leak colors.

Now the other problem is finding a way to grade light leaks and film burns in FCP. To solve this problem just slide the hue to a different color and you can grade the light leaks for FCPX.

  1. Levels of luminance

Another best wayto adjust your light leak transitions and overlays is to change the levels of luminance. Before thatyou should know about screen composite mode.When you intend to select the screen composite mode you would tell your software to disregard the different parts of the image layers relying on its luminosity.

How to use luminosity with film burns? When you apply this process to a light leak, it transforms anything in black completely transparent while anything completely white andopaque with different degrees. So, if you want to reduce the visibility of a light leakthen increase the amount of black in the image as it becomes completely transparent.

Light leak for FCPXcan make the free light leaks to go the other way, as it is may be morefound in your video in form of the increased levels of white. This is a great resolution for the creation of a more washed out light leak which would work in creationof a vintage look.

  1. Play with your speed.

In the end, never forget to play with the overlays and transitions speed of your light leak. All editing softwareprovide you some control over the speed of your clips.

It can be used to create manic, energetic and, aggressive speedy light leak effect, and when you would slowdown thelight leakthen you have more chilled and relaxed vibe.

Thesetips will help you to experiment with your light leakpurchase and would assist you in light leak downloads.

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