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Light leaks sometimes become a problem for people when they are filming their videos.  Many people will take videos of their family trips, sporting events and vacations.  Some people will even take videos to be semi or professionally shown and displayed for many to see.  It is important to them when they are showing off their videos that the color and clarity of their videos are good.   There are many things that can cause a video to be of poor quality.  Faulty or inadequite equipment is one of the most common reasons that many people experience.

Why Does It Matter

When a person takes the time to invest into equipment and takes the effort to make the videos, they want them to be something to be proud of.  They want to be able to share these videos with their friends and family and maybe even more people for some and be able to share bright clear video footage.  They need the color to be crisp and clear without any blurring or distortedness.  This sometimes take the proper equipment and software to have the ability to be able to repair their footage.  Clear and precise videos can be very important to even the smallest amateur photographer.

What To Watch For  

  • Do not be afraid to use your color correct on your video footage
  • Use a pro monitor
  • Make sure you color is fixed before adding any special effects
  • Take a break about every hour to help keep your visual fresh
  • View on different monitors as not to have to worry about background lighting

What If You Make Too Many Color Changes

With the use of light leaks for FCPX, that is why it is called editing.  When you are trying to make your videos of professional quality and you might over correct your color, do not be afraid, you can always re-edit it to get the desired look for your project.  As with any project, it is important for you to take various breaks.  When you look at anything too long, everything seems to run together and nothing is clear and precise.  You want to be sure that you are seeing a new and clear look and not a jumbled run together project because you spent too long looking at it and not seeing it clearly.

Also your background lighting can make a huge difference in how your video looks.  When using a pro monitor your background lighting is not as important, because this monitor and its color showing abilities will show you its true colors.  Eventhough this monitor shows clearly and in real color, it would still be a good idea to watch your video on various monitors so that you can see how it will show in a variety of different situations and lighting.  When you start editing your videos, for a more quality and professional look do your homework and research on the light leaks for premiere pro and do not be afraid to edit to get the clear and crisp footage that you are aiming for.


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