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Light Leaks is a collection of 100% real light components which will enhance your videos with stunning light effects, it is a fast way to add a dream or romantic look to your creations, offer your projects vintage feeling, produce cool transitions between shots, create dynamic slideshows.

Ideal to be used in music productions, sport scenes, promos, weddings, fashion showcases, motion graphics and other video projects! Great for video editors and indie filmmakers who need to convey the aesthetics of film result in their videos.

Using light Free light leaks

Subtle and organic lightweight leaks (often referred to as film burns) designed to be employed in any video editing software package that supports Composite or blend mode. Simply place the specified light leak on top of your footage and set its blending mode to Screen or Add. Regulate the quantity of light by lowering the clip or track opacity.
You can also customize the speed of the result, add some color grading, and modify luminosity or color by adding Levels, Color Balance or Hue/Saturation filters. You can mix varied light leaks together, rotate and scale them for achieving the specifiedresult.

Why it’s necessary to use light leaks

Now days, the light leaks are pretty much in, within the society now days. To bring the distinctiveness and add beauty to the images, this result is used by individuals. It turns a normal image into an attractive and charming one. It enhances the sweetness of pictures. There are some ways through which we really can create the pictures lovely. The light leaks are significantly useful as they convert an attractive image into a creative shot. The footage looks very fascinating. The light leaks brings a durability to the flash lights and keeps the light on for longer. A number of light leaks are currently present in multi colors which provide a very stylish and funky appearance within the photo session. It is believed that photo leaks bring glamour to the party by emerging fascinating lights.  Visit this site for more information : lightleaklove.com

Light leaks for FCPX and Premier pro

Apple introduced a new trend of using camera. It introduces light leaks for FCPX. It also made it considerably fascinating also was being used for premier pro. Use of light leaks for premier pro is additionally a stimulating idea.


The process of using light leaks is pretty easy.

  1. You download the free light leaks from a web site, unzip the file.
  2. Import the downloaded file onto your FCPX or Adobe Premiere prosoftware package.
  • Selecting the file in the browser’s pop-up window. This signifies your intention of using the light leaks on your editing stage.
  1. Setting in and out points of the free light leaks you would like to use. This involves setting the right shade and colors for your raw footage.
  2. Dragging your choice on the layer on top of your footage.
  3. Changing the blend modes to screen in the inspector window under compositing so as to get the most effective results. This can be the last method if you would like to use the FCPX version
  • Changing the blend modes to screen under audacity on your effect controls tab by double clicking on the free light leaks layer together with your sequence. This is also the process to be done for Adobe Premiere pro version.
  • Experiment with plenty of colors and with totally different shades of lights and shapes to convey life and long lasting effects on your raw footages. Imagine a White Sea urchin or a grey shark turned into baby blue or dark green sea creatures.