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Light leaks have become a very popular method in photography but many are struggling to choose the right paid software. It can be difficult to know which program is the very best to use, however, you don’t need to always go for the most expensive program. There are really lots of amazing programs to consider but how to use light leaks in Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

This is certainly a question more want to know.

Purchase or Choose Free Light Leaks Software and Download

• Paid Light Leaks

• Free Light Leaks Download

These are the two options to consider when looking for light leaks software and once you have chosen, you will need to download this. It’s very simple to do this because it takes only a few minutes. This can be downloaded and stored or saved on the computer you’re using.

Connecting Light Leaks with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Once the software has been downloaded onto the computer, it will be time to add this to your Adobe Premiere Pro CC program. This isn’t difficult however, it can be easily done. You can import the files of the light leaks download into Adobe via the import button but you also have the drag and drop option. These are both great options and it can be done within a few seconds really.

Select the File to Be Used

There are going to be quite a few different options when it comes to adding your light. The type of shades available is quite impressive which means that you can sort through them and choose a file you want to use. It will be important to set the in and out points and the light leak is now ready to use over the original video. There is still a big selection with free light leaks.

Add the Light Leaks into the Original Video

It is now time to add the light leaks. So, firstly, the original images need to be placed into the first bar clip; and once this is placed, the light leaks can be added. This can be placed wherever you like and it can be changed a few times until it is in a place where you are happy with. The light leak needs to be placed directly above the images that needs to be changed otherwise there won’t be any changes made that are noticeable.more info at http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/video-post-production/ibc-2014-adobe-updates-after-effects-cc-premiere-pro-cc-prelude-speedgrade-more/.

Premiere Pro compatibility

Blending the Light Modes

To be honest, if you want to blend the light in so that it looks a little natural, it can be easily done. You need to locate the opacity button and locate the blend mode. It can be changed so that the light can be added into the photos to make the appropriate changes. You can get a classic look or you can get a modern look. The changes in which you can make can vary with the free light leaks.

Enjoy Using Light Leaks

There are many great things that you can do with light leaks. You can easily change photographs and get more or less light into the photographs. However, it isn’t hard to do and anyone can use the light leaks download to make changes.check this out!


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