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 Light leaks is a cool and brand new plug in solution which is presented by Luca Visual Fx. This presentation was always presented in the form of stock footage, but for the first time this time it was this unique creation was facilitated by a plug in. this facility allows the user to adjust and settle the geometry and the style of the effect. This can allow you to select the effect as the way you want it to be.

There is also the possibility and the option of applying extra filters or the use of the generator. Light leaks offer you with many endless variations in order to meet your requirements. The instruction manual is included in the box of the light leaks and it is advisable to you to read the entire guide properly before starting to use it. By reading it you can get the complete hang of and its specifications which will make it easy for you to use.

Some features of light leaks

Light leaks will help your videos to look very beautiful. Light leaks are available in the resolutions of 1080 pixels and 4K resolutions. There is also the plug in for FCPX included along with it. Majority of the light leaks products are only compatible with FCPX, but it is also compatible with some other products such as it is also compatible with Final cut Pro 6 and 7, Adobe premiere, after effects, Avid and all other applications which support blending modes.

Light leaks allow the coverage of rough ends and rough edits. They are very useful and add an amazing charm to the videos. There are some places where you can find the light leaks.

Places where you can find light leaks

Some of the places where you can find light leaks include RocketStock which is an amazing resource for the editing of videos. Rocketstock has an entire section of their blog which is completely dedicated at the giving of free stuff. Rocketstock has a pack of 13 free and 4K light leaks which you can use in the making and the editing of your videos. The results will be amazing because the best thing about rocketstock is that its light leak pack are all very different.

Light leaks- how to make your video beautiful

Projector films is another place where you can find the light leaks. It is a great resource specially for film makers. They have a huge blog dedicated to the talk about experiences in the film industry. Projector films also have a podcast which is dedicated to script writers. They are equipped with 25 free light leaks which also include quick previews which gives you the option of choosing the right clip before making a choice on the timeline.

Projector films also include light leaks for wipes to produce flares and burning effects. These flares and burning effects can be seen in action movies and they give the sense of reality. It is hard to imagine that what we are looking is not real. This tells the effectiveness of the light leaks. Visit this site for ùore information : lightleaklove.com